Football or Futbol

October 5, 2017
By BrianKim BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
BrianKim BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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I went to visit my cousins in Virginia, we usually visit my cousins during special occasion and I always enjoy it every time. Every time we visit, I go down to his old elementary school because there is a very nice turf field there. We always headed there when we felt bored and I always played soccer with him for hours.


One day, My cousin Sam brought a football with him. At the time I did not know anything and did not really like the sport that much. But, Sam decided that he wanted to try and score a field goal and see if he could make it. We were at about the 10-yard line. I held the ball for him and he kicked the ball. The football barely left the ground and resulted in a miss. He explained how extra points were a lot harder to score than it looked. He then asked if I wanted a try, and just for fun, I agreed. He held the ball and I kicked it. The ball had a perfect backspin and went straight through the uprights. We both looked at each other and were so shocked, we fell on the ground laughing. Sam said that I should play football for my school. I laughed and said it was impossible to do that. Anyways, we continued to kick for the next couple of minutes. We even recorded a video for my Instagram. It was all just a joke but I still uploaded it. It was seen by many people and at school, and the next day many of my friends came up to me to say that I should try out for football. At I told them it was a crazy idea and it wasn't happening, but as  I began thinking I realized that it could be a possibility. The freshmen football team did not have a kicker at the time. I wanted to try something new so I went to the interest meeting and soon enough I was a part of the team. I began practicing and began all of the hard and long training hours. 


Eventually I was in my first game. My team did very well and I scored all of my attempts. I was so excited because I was now a real football player. However, when I was younger, I was a huge soccer fan. I played so much soccer, it was my main sport and I thought I was very good at it.  I played soccer for 8 years and had no intention of stopping.  This changed in a matter of days however.  It ended being a lot more fun and I felt that I was a  bigger impact in the sport. It was crazy how quickly my mind changed from one sport to another. But I feel good because i'm trying something that isn't normal in my family.


I used to watch a lot of soccer as well.I watch a ton more Nfl games than soccer games now. Luckily my parents were willing to let me try something new which also motivated me to work harder and achieve my goals of being a great football player. At first, they were concerned  that I may get hurt. I convinced them saying that it wasn't dangerous. They said that as long as I can manage my time and keep my grades up, I am free to play whatever sport that i want. My family has no football players in it. My cousin sam plays basketball and Lacrosse, and my other cousin does swim and track. I wanted to be different from my family. I wanted to break the stereotype that not many korean people play football. It is still crazy to  say how quickly I was able to switch from one sport to the other.  One day I was a fan of soccer and the next couple days I became a full-on football person. Overall, this experience so far has been much more surprising and much more satisfying that I ever imagined it to be. Overall I am very happy  about my decision. and from this point on I will continue to play football and I hope good things come during this  season and potentially future seasons.

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