Among the Green

October 4, 2017
By E.capozzi BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
E.capozzi BRONZE, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
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Animal Rights Media said, “Not a single taste in the world is worth taking someone’s life for”. Explanation: Ireland is a place of wonder and green, from the moss covering the stone to the castle’s sky high. It’s a place of magic and nature. On the way to The Cliffs of Moher, was field after field of sheep. Each turn with my head led to another sheep being put into my vision line. As a child I was taught by my parents to question society because that’s how you grow as a person. Thus making the decision to cut out eating lamb in my life was not rash, but certainly was necessary. Seeing sheep in their natural habitats roaming the grounds, grazing on grass, compared to being on dark, cold cement floors, where thousands are crammed into a petite space, awaiting their untimely deaths. At first I wanted to go straight into being a full vegetarian, but instead I am taking it one step at a time. Questioning everything from the whales at Seaworld to the veal cutlet on my plate. Ultimately, the first time I questioned society was when I decided not to eat lamb after watching free-range sheep compared to captive sheep.

The meat I used to push aside, as I only eat half and would leave the rest. While the animal it came from, gave up it’s whole life. An animal's whole existence was given up so I could have five bites. The “juicnesses” is actually blood. Blood from something that was once alive, but now dead because society “needed” it. Still, the culture the world gives people through traveling makes us realize that there is something else out there. That there is something beyond society, which causes people to break away from and question it. For me, it was the fact that for miles on end all I saw was white dots among the fields of Ireland. They were free, going where they please. Growing up, I was taught that whatever was on your plate you would eat. Although after seeing the free-range sheep I needed to know what really happened. After hours of videos showing the cruelty these animals endure, I finally realized the cruelty that goes into making lamb products. Seeing so many free, made it so much more real that we are only show things that people want us to see.  So to really know what is happening people have to look past it and see the secrets hidden in the world. Growing up and being taught to live a certain way and take certain actions, shapes who I  am expected to become as a person, but when I break out from society I realize who I really am meant to be. Everyone has something that makes them who they are, although every choice against the norm makes them different from the rest of the world. Watching the life being drained from animals I had seen in peace made me question what society was really trying to show me. This may have been the first, but it certainly wasn’t the last time I would question society and see past what society what’s me to see.

I constantly question society over little things in my day to day life, but the first time I questioned a major part of society was when I decided to stop eating lamb after seeing them living in their natural habitat compared to captivity. Each sheep represented the freedom that it deserved to have. Each day people eat lamb because it is known to each child that it is okay to because of how society makes it viewed. The truth is hidden and in order to uncover the truth about anything people have to go deeper. Past the crust of the earth straight to the core because only then can people see the truth. After I saw the truth about how sheep are treated, I realized that not eating lamb wouldn’t kill me, in fact it would save the animals lives. Although almost all animals are treated the same way, it struck me the most with lambs because I saw the other side of the tracks. The side where they were happy and carefree. I may not be making a huge difference, but I am doing what I believe to be morally correct instead of following society blindly.

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