September 29, 2017
By jillian5909 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
jillian5909 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Ever since I could remember my parents have been separated. My mom and dad got a divorce when I only 2 years old, so I really have never seen them together. That probably sounds like a sad story of a teen girl with her parents divorced, but honestly my family is happier than ever. I definitely believe that my parents were in love in the past but I guess their love wasn't centered around god in the beginning. I also believe my parents made the right choice for my family by separating and still choosing to but my sister and I in front of their differences in order to bring my sister and I happiness.

Most families that are divorced are usually always fighting and are usually unhappy. Don’t get me wrong about that statement I'm just happy about the way my parents act around my sister and I and how they love us unconditionally no matter what. I do wish my parents were together like the rest of my friends. I wish we could live in one house together and have the typical family nights were my mom would be cooking and my dad would be getting home from work, but I get it nothing in this world is perfect. I'm just happy that my mom and dad are still good friends and support each other's important decisions and important personal intentions. Even though my family is separated we are still happy whenever we all come together.

This has been my adversity ever since I could remember. Through the years it has been difficult at times. Usually when I get upset about the separation I think of what my life could've been like or my life if my dad even lived in austin and if I could ever spend more than a weekend at is house. Sometimes I wish I could have more of a fatherly figure in my life but i know he’s working hard to support our family and my “step-family”. Even though this is a adversity it’s become my life, and i've changed the sad into something happy and made it my everyday life to be happy for what I have been given with my life. I realized that I needed to change the sadness of this adversity to happiness by remembering God knew that my parents were going to get a divorce and he placed me within my parents to grow up with and to learn from. One of my main lessons I have learnt through having divorced parents is what I don't want to do and what i do want to do when I am happily married with my husband. Not to sound mean but know that i've seen what can go wrong i've leant through my parents mistakes, and now I can apply it to my life now and my future life with my husband one day.

Having divorced parents can be a challenge sometimes, but I decided to turn it into something great and not dread on the mistakes my parents made in the past. So, yes I do still call my parents divorce my adversity because yes it has affected my life and it will still affect me everyday. In the beginning the divorce affected me in a sad and negative way, but now I choose to live with the adversity the right way instead of having it drag me down in future.

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This piece I wrote further describes my feelings towards my adversity of my parents divorce. 

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