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September 29, 2017
By lucystrother BRONZE, South Riding, Virginia
lucystrother BRONZE, South Riding, Virginia
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Words have always interested me. Their purpose, their effect, their meaning. As an elementary schooler, books and dictionaries collected in my room because I loved the way words sounded, how they made me feel. It was not until high school that I became entrenched in the idea that words are not only used to tell a story, but to persuade and cause a reaction. This sparked my interest in Communications.

I took Journalism class freshman year. Through this class, I experienced the true power of words. I targeted audiences, addressed issues, created possible solutions to conflicts, and ultimately persuaded people that my argument or solutions were valid. I fell in love with the fact that I had the power to churn other people's way of thinking and eventually, their actions, and that I had the power to resolve even the littlest of conflicts through the use of my words. I knew then that I wanted to use that power for something bigger, and better.

Communications allows me to use that power; the power of intriguing people with my words, and persuading them to react and think in the way that I had advertised to them. It allows me to use my compromising skills in a way that not only helps myself, but helps both the little and the big things as well. Little did I know then, but that seemingly large collection of books and dictionaries, would eventually pave the path to my passion, and hopefully my future.

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