Looking at Life Through Patriotism

October 4, 2017
By jacklyn10 GOLD, Hartland , Wisconsin
jacklyn10 GOLD, Hartland , Wisconsin
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The reflection of the statues and memorials glistened through the 100 degree weather. Children, students, babies, teachers, mothers and fathers walk around Washington D.C, experiencing the pride and loyalty of our nation. The colors red, white, and blue decorate rooftops, poles, and monuments in remembrance of those who fought for our freedoms and lives.

People gather, witnessing a devotion to our country by the silence and click of heels. The routine repeated every thirty minutes in the scorching heat. The look and stature of soldiers exhibit the protection and peace brought to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers. Mesmerized by the heartfelt patriotism ringing through the cemetery, my heart fills with pride to be a part of the land of the free and home of the brave.

At this moment, I scanned the crowed taking in the vast emotions, energy, and echos of talking. I saw an elderly man with tears dripping down his frail checks. This experience lead me to comprehend the immense impact of fighting for one’s country and freedoms had on that one person’s life.

Written on black stone were names—names of soldiers remembered for their dedication in the Vietnam War. Walking down the path, gazing at the carved memories, I was halted when one man lay his hand softly on the hot stone and said, “thank you.” This site demonstrates patriotism and being completely grateful of all those names. This is why our people are proud to be Americans.

The breeze cools down and the sun begins to set on hottest day of the year in Washington D.C. The click of the heels still ringing in the distance. The flags of red, white, and blue remain a remembrance of my experience through the eyes of patriotism, and pride of being an American still filled my heart. Patriotism, the love and support and defense of one’s country, the only word that replayed in my head.

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