A Non-Fiction Story

October 1, 2017
By Anonymous

Idiot. Fatty. Why are you even alive? Stop breathing.Kill yourself. Not what you expect to hear in the 6th grade I know trust me I never expected to be called so many things and not understanding why. 6th grade was the first time I had been bullied and honestly the last time as well. I was about 12 or 13 in 6th grade and in all honesty, I was so excited to be going to middle school and growing up finally being able to have more responsibilities.

Well, not a lot of good happened to me that year I lost friends because hanging out with me would make them a target or sitting anywhere near me at lunch or in class was considered illegal. I never understood why I got bullied so much or why I was never good enough for them. The library was my only safe place, the only place where I wasn't called names or being in the hall. At first, they were just being verbal with the bullying but then it got physical one day out of nowhere. The first person to hit me was I guess you could call him the founder of bullies, he got mad at me because he got in trouble for saying something to me and a teacher had heard him. He pushed me into a locker pretty hard and called me all sorts of things then told his older sister I got him in trouble which was the beginning of both 8th and 6th grade bullying me while all the other students and teachers just looked the other way or sometimes even joined in.

It got so bad that I considered suicide and even tried it just so I could make them all happy and not be a target. I was so angry at my family for stopping me all I wanted to do was die so all of the bullyings would stop and everyone could move on and be happy. Then they made me start to believe no guy would ever want me so I did things to make guys like me or for them to make me feel loved. It worked but was never a long lasting feeling.
My mom found out about it all and she was so angry that since no teacher helped me or tried to stop what was going on she took me out of that environment and placed me in a totally different school. After a year I slowly became happier with myself and started loving me for me again instead of hating everything about me. I gained wonderful friends again even had my first boyfriend I loved it all. 

Now I'm in the 11th grade and I don't let anyone make fun of me or try to belittle me. I participate in class not afraid to speak when I want now I can finally say I'm happy and I don't wish that stuff never happened to me, those people back then what they did and said made me who I am today. A strong young lady with a life ahead of her.

From that experience, I learned something that keeps me happy till this day. No matter who brings you down only you can keep you standing strong.

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