A Long-Awaited Arrival

October 3, 2017
By Yaboibryan BRONZE, Arlington, Texas
Yaboibryan BRONZE, Arlington, Texas
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The day was just another typical average day in my life. I was bored all day and slept like normal. Well that was until my mom came home and told me that my dad had called to ask if we could vist him for a week. Of course my reaction to this was surprised because I haven't seen this man my whole life, and was amazed at first but I soon found my emotions just as confused as i was i didn't know what to say. I told her yes and we called him and he said okay see you guys in a day. While this happend and was good, I had never had to pack before this and didn't know how to I have only ever been as far as fort worth and he lived in houston. Now packing was only one of my problems this trip faced my other one was what do u say to a man you haven't seen you're whole life? But i will talk aboout that more later my main problem then was getting done packing in a day. Naturally i was lost and got distracted but just managed to pack before the sun went down. Now this is when it dawned on me that i would have to talk to him when i see this father of mine but i knew nothing about. So me being me didn't ask anyine what he was like and kinda just struggled to think of absolutely anything and stayed up to about 1:00 am but sadly fell asleep. When i woke up in a panic i eventually calmed down and he was almost here, but i figured i would just wing it like every else important in my life which is a bad habit of mine but still manages to happen alot more than it should. Now naturally i was a little nervous when he knocked on the door but i opened it with my bag in one hand and he said "nice to finally see you Bryan" and hugged me.

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