My First Day

October 3, 2017
By Anonymous

New school, new friends, new teachers, new everything. It was very scary. I started my new school August 22, 2016. Me and my stepmom walked in the office to sign me in, the principle handed me and schedule and called in a girl, her name was Hailey. Hailey was a short girl with brown hair. He showed me where all my classes were. I walked into a class and everyone stared at me. I saw one boy smile at me and I smiled back. We left the class, she then brought me to my 6th period class, Hailey peeked in the class and said “Mrs. Masson you have a new student”. She walked out into the hall, she was short with black hair. She brought me into the class and told the class my name and told me to sit where ever I wanted. There was a girl in the back corner. She looked lonely, so I decided to sit at the desk in front of her. She said her name was Carrie. Carrie was tall with blond hair. We talked for a couple minutes then the bell rang. I walked into my 7th period class which was science. There was 3 boys already in there and they just stared at me and whispered to each other. It didn’t really bother me that much. I looked around and saw Hailey, I ran over to the table she was at and sat by her. Across from me was a girl named Becca, she was very short with black hair. “Are you the new girl?” Becca said. “Yep” I said nervously. The teacher started talking and we all got quite. 45 minutes later the bell rang. Finally it was 8th period the last class of the day. I was already exhausted and I had only been there for three classes. My last class was history, my least favorite. Luckily there was only 2 boys, they get on my nerves sometimes. But anyways, my teacher introduced me to the class, “ this is Riley, she is new to this school” . I stood up and said hi to the class, they all just stared at me. I sat down very awkwardly and listened to the teacher. 5 minutes before the bell rang the teacher let us start packing up, a couple of the girls walked over to me and introduced themselves and gave me their snapchats. They seemed very nice. The bell rang and the halls started filling up with people. A boy pushed through all the people and stopped me before I could walked out of the school. I looked up and saw the most charming guy looking down at me. “Hi I’m Caleb, I saw you earlier and you seem cool, I was wondering if I could get your snapchat?” I shook my head yes and gave him it.Very excited he ran over to his friend and showed them all. I walked outside and saw my dad. I hopped in the truck and told him about my day. When I got home at got about 10 new friends on Snapchat, and they were all boys. I added them all back. Then I got a snapchat.“ Hey it’s Caleb.” We started texting and soon it became a everyday thing. We became best friend. He helped me everyday when I needed it at school. I’m glad I moved.

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