We Are Patriots

October 3, 2017
By NatinDaGreat GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
NatinDaGreat GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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In the spring of 1950, a young German boy was en route to a land he had heard of in conversation and read about in a picture book. At six years old, he just thought that the idea of moving was marvelous, though he didn’t understand why. Fast forward to the 1970s. That same boy is now serving in the Coast Guard, protecting the waters of his country. A former German served his new home because of his love for the nation and his pursuit of happiness. That is patriotism and he, my grandfather, is a patriot.

At my house we inject the sky with booms, crackles, and a slew of colors. We celebrate our independence differently than our fellow Americans because we are free to do so. Freedom means my dad can start a business or I can bring my thoughts into reality in the backyard. Our pyrotechnic spectacle is a boast of our liberties on the day we received them. We are free to do as we please. We are patriots.

“Whatever you want” is the remedy of choice my father produces for questions concerning my future. For college, my job, where I live, it can be wherever I want it to be. “The one condition,” he says, “is you have to be willing to work for it.” Just because I can have it, does not mean I will. I have to work to achieve the things I want in life. This is what we call the American Dream. We can have whatever we want has a prerequisite—hard work. American pursue the life they desire. They are patriots.

Patriotism is defined as love for one’s country. I love this country for the American Dream, the dedication people have and the liberties we enjoy. Men and women have put our lives before their own so we can prosper and continue the legacy of America. The best part of this country is the freedom of choice, we should use it wisely and we should all love our country. We are all in this together, as patriots.

The author's comments:

We had to write this piece for our creative writing class, but it was orginially intended for the FRA Americanism Essay Competition. The prompt was "What does patriotism mean to you?" I wrote this essay based on personal experiences and the account of my grandfather to show what patriotism is defined as to me.

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