The Roller Coaster of Doom

September 28, 2017
By angela.mendiola BRONZE, Arlington, Texas
angela.mendiola BRONZE, Arlington, Texas
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The new frightening, awesome, crazy roller coaster passed through my Uncle Saul and dad’s mind. Not knowing what was waiting for them, they rushed to get to the long, nasty line. Another thought crossed through both their minds as they looked up, “WHAT THE HECK!” They never imagined the new roller coaster to be higher than the empire building. They looked at eachother and saw each other's ghosts. They were so scared, they were on the verge of peeing themselves. The mini stroke had passed, I was disappointed. Disappointed because I knew they wouldn’t let me go alone. I frowned. My mom the most caring, beautiful, loving person on earth said to me “Come on. Vamos!” My face lit up as soon as she said that. I was eager to get on the ride. We were at the front of the line, our turn was up. The ride started and I was calm, nothing had happened yet. We were heading towards the top, and I felt my adrenaline kick in. Whoosh! The roller coaster had taken off. My stomach had butterflies. I was panicking, I was in shock, I couldn't breathe. I was, I don’t know what I was. The ride kept going through different hills, my lungs kept pumping and pumping air, and my mom kept laughing and screaming. My mom enjoyed the ride and when it was over she had tears running down her eyes, because her eyes couldn't take anymore squinting. I was still in shock. I didn't know what to do. I had just rode the most terrifying ride a six year old girl had ever ridden.

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