The Lost Phone

September 27, 2017
By Anonymous

It was one hot day outside and I was playing with my friends. I saw a phone on the ground so I picked it up and turned it on to see if it worked. So i went in my friend house to charge it up so i can see want's on the phone to see who it belongs to so can give it back to the owner. The first thing i did was go on google play to see who it belongs to. I saw the person's name then i went to the settings to see the phone number on the phone. So when I saw the phone number on the phone. I told my friend to call the phone so i can see if it's on. So when my friend called the phone the phone had ringed. So i want to METRO PCS to ask the man in the store can he find out who phone this is.The man in the store said yes i can help you find out who phopne this is.The man founded out and give the owner back the phone.It was really a mystery to find the owner.And the owner said "always look on the bright side of life, kids."


And everybody lived happily ever after. The End

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