Impotant Moment

September 27, 2017
By Anonymous

When my baby niece was born it was a very important moment of my life. This moment was important to me because she is my second niece. What makes her extra special, is that I have six nephews and she is one of my two nieces.   


My youngest niece was born on October 31, so we sometimes call her my little witch. I don’t really remember the things that lead up to my sister’s special announcement. My sister was very distant from me during her pregnancy. My sister couldn’t settle on a name, so she decided to combine her and her husband’s name. Since she is still very young, it will give me a chance to influence someone special to me. My niece will also help me boost my self-esteem because I know that she will always need me and I will always need her. As she gets older, our relationship will get   she is also my favorite sisters first born. Which means she will become an intelligent and loving person with my sisters mothering. My niece might be one of the only people in my family to go to college besides my sister. She is almost two years old now. I don’t really remember how she was like when she was a new born, but now she is very energetic and likes to stay very close to my sister. I really enjoy having a baby niece around and I think she likes having an uncle because she always comes to knock on my door when she comes over.        


Overall my baby niece will have a major impact on my life and probably change me for the better. I also know that she will impact people's lives in the future for the better.

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