Letting Go

September 26, 2017
By lockwood.chloe BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
lockwood.chloe BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
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As the day approached, I felt a sense of emptiness build up in my head. I didn’t want it to be this way, I loved my dog so much. All of the amusing routines repeated every day were now just supposed to be memories. But as I quietly rested in my bedroom, I made sense of why he had to go. This was for the better, in every perspective.

My dog Lincoln, that everyone loved dearly, had a problem with lashing out on people, including kids. I knew that dogs tend to get more aggressive with strangers, but I never expected him to, because he was always so gentle and protective towards me. He was the lock to my security. At first, his aggressions started with a young child, who messed with him while he was sleeping. From there, it just got worse, as more people expanded too far into Lincoln’s boundaries. It wasn’t their faults of course, who knew our amiable Lincoln would impulsively act this way towards our peers? When my parents were discussing what to do with Lincoln, I grew anxious. My heart continuously ached for him. I didn’t want the alternative choice for him, which was putting him down.

My biggest distress now was finding him a home, including having to advise everyone with his history. Most families don’t want a belligerent dog, especially if they have kids. So knowing that, I knew it would be challenging to find him the most impeccable home. Lincoln’s brilliant qualities ruled out his bad ones, but the unpleasant ones were just more damaging. For instance, he was a remarkable hunting dog and could easily be trained according to your needs. He was so caring with you if he was at ease with you, but if he wasn’t, it just twisted in a bad direction. This whole process of saying goodbye to my best friend was wearying, and I pondered if I would ever get the chance to grow older with another puppy again.

Over time, Lincoln finally found the perfect home for him and I realized how much more fit this was for everyone. This experience taught me that sometimes you have to give up the things you love to conduct a more appropriate result that benefits everyone affected. And even though you might not see the incoming, bright tunnel ahead, everything will work out to be all right.

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