New Years 2012

September 26, 2017
By Metallicastillo BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
Metallicastillo BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
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Children have a widespread of fuel spilling into their imaginations until horrific thoughts of danger or vulnerability leaks through from their own eyes and ears.

My fifth grade year of elementary school I was at the age of ten where as a kid you thought of zombies, violent movies and all of the above was just entertainment. But when you hear that the world will end on the new year of 2012, the horror movie becomes your own life. My friends kept telling me that the military would drop chemical bombs that would turn people into zombies and this new bound conspiracy brought chills to my bones.

Later my mom came to pick me up from and as soon as I jumped into her car I frantically asked “mom is the world going to end on New Year’s??” she replied with a laugh and a comforting “no Gavin, that’s just silly.” Confusion was all I felt aside from a growing fear in my head. By night my mind sat easy but when you’re in the dark it doesn’t help you think any better about the way you’re own world will go. This wasn’t something a 10 year old should be thinking of but it was all too much to keep away from my mind.

Days pass by and New Year’s night was in effect and it was all dread for me. Yet everyone was so calm and happy to be with each other. The countdown began and it all felt so uneasy within me. Soon after time ran low, the clock hit one. For a second I feel like those who felt the same as me, felt the world fall silent and wait for what would happen next. I felt numb. There was no sudden blast or sudden pain but only a weight lifted off my shoulders. In the end everything felt peaceful but as the years went on I wondered why my own imagination was my own weapon used against me. It aided my fear and that’s what anyone’s imagination can do to them and that’s how powerful it can be. Fear is inevitable and can be aided with our own thoughts.

The author's comments:

I was inspired by the human imagination and how it plays a big role in you life. At the same it can also scare us and bring bad thoughts to our mind. 

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