A Trip to Indiana

September 26, 2017
By Jessica_hartman BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
Jessica_hartman BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
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It was the middle of June. A very hot and humid morning, my family and I were going to head to Indiana. I was not very excited about leaving for half of my summer vacation. I would be meeting family that I hadn't seen since I was at least 4 years old. I caught an attitude on the way there and looking back at it I regret the way I acted.

Once we had arrived to Indiana the weather was nothing like Texas. All gloomy and raining. I was disappointed to say the least. We had stayed with my grandmother for half of the week. One day we all were sitting in the living room eating dinner and everyone was laughing and having a good time. I looked around and couldn’t help but let the smile on my face grow wider by the second. In that moment right there, I started to learn why people always say not to take your loved ones for granted and I now understand why.

Towards the end of the week, we had to go to a family reunion and I wasn’t looking forward to seeing all of these family members. I stayed with my brother throughout the reunion. I became so shy and awkward. I curled up in a shell and tried to hid from everyone. I didn’t appreciate others. But once I looked around throughout the day I saw everyone smiling and laughing. Seeing everyone in a good mood changed my point of view on everything I had thought about before. Appreciating someone gives them the confidents to carry through with what they want to do in life, how they want to pursue their dreams and know that they have someone to look back on and know that they have a support system no matter what happens.

After the reunion, I walked around and hugged everyone and told them thank you. When I told my aunt thank you, she asked " what are you thanking everyone for?" " I am thanking everyone to let them know that I am thankful for them and for opening my mind to

many things and letting me know that the world doesn’t revolve around just me and my problems." I said. She looked at with such approval and she was proud of me for everything that I had changed over the short week.

I am glad I opened up to my family even if it took some time. I made closer friends and learned what family really is and how to appreciate others and the importance of it.

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