5 A.M.

September 26, 2017
By Nbutler BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
Nbutler BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
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It was 5 a.m. and we had just dropped the boat in the water. It was “go time."


Early Saturday morning with the fresh dew on the water, there couldn’t be a better feeling. I was in the seat of my boat counting down the seconds until takeoff. “boom” I hear the gunfire and it was time to rip some fish. I smiled as I heard the engine roaring behind me going 70 mph on that so beautiful glassy water.  The feeling couldn’t get much better. As we slowed up to our first spot, it looked better than ever. As I unstrap the rods thinking “all or nothing” I knew it was gametime. As I made my first cast I made it my best. As the lure walks across the water I see a huge bass come out of the water and my heart drops. “wham” I set the hook as hard as I could and netted it into the boat. Before I knew it was time for weigh in. I walked up on stage with my heart pounding as I prayed to have a winning weight. As the announcer says “ 5 fish or 23.72 lbs” I pump my fist in excitement.

To conclude, sometimes you have to make sacrifices to earn a reward. Also what you get out of things is what is put into it. No matter what you do you should do it with 100% effort.

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