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September 26, 2017
By BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
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Knowing there is not talking me out of veganism, my father helped me “once you go on the journey hard to go back” he says “This is a challenge and I hope you are ready for this challenge and I hope you’re ready.” I readjusted my grip on the grocery cart and headed to the vegetables.


“I’ve never been so keen”

Everyday millions of Americans consume milk. It is a basic breakfast beverage, but do they know what is in it? One glass of milk contains 135 MILLION pus cells, bovine growth hormones, antibiotics, feces and calcium from their [cows] bones. Pus is a thick yellowish or greenish opaque liquid produced in infected tissue consisting of dead white blood cells.

One day my cousin and I were at her family farm and we decided to milk the cows because it was one of her daily chores anyway. When we were milking the cows we noticed a think yellowish substance covering the top of the pail. We thought it was ok so we continued to milk the cows. Later that night we each had a glass of milk. The glass was still warm. Not knowing we had drunken the glass of milk that had pus in it. Our bodies did not react well to the pus and we had food poisoning that lasted a solid two weeks. At the end of that two week mark I had already lost 15lbs. Ever since that day I was not able to drink milk from a cow again.

I decided that gong vegan was the way to go. I would not be consuming anything that had animals in it, anything that was produced where animals are slaughtered and or butchered. Everyday animal’s lives are shorter that what their full life expectancy is due to the demand on their “delicious” insides. How would you feel if you couldn’t live past 15 years old, because people wanted to do the “humane” right? 

Being vegan may not be for everybody but it does help your body become healthy.  It is completely understandable if you chose to keep your diet the same, but I feel you should know that drinking milk and eating animal products can be life threatening and cause poisoning, paralysis and death.Think about that the next time you eat another burger.

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my teacher made me

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