My New Born Baby

September 26, 2017
By Jp241 BRONZE, Saginaw, Texas
Jp241 BRONZE, Saginaw, Texas
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The halls of the hospital were quiet, perhaps a little too quiet. It was the hundredth day of kindergarten and I was sitting in a hospital with my dad on his phone to my left and my brother Dylan on his leapfrog machine to my right. But never said a word ever since we arrived and dad hung up his phone turned and asked me “You haven’t talked the whole time we were here, are you ok?” and I thought really hard and finally told him why I didn’t talk at all.

It all started when mom gathered me and Dylan over in the living room. I was six at the time and I was really curious and the she announced that some changes were going to be made. “What kind of changes?” Dylan asked, he was three and very spastic and with a split second I blurted out “Are you going to be gaining weight?” But instead of an honest answer, they laughed and told us that we were getting a brother. But I was really worried.
When I was at school, I was not engaged in my school work, but thinking about the new baby. My teacher, Ms. Stewart told me to stay at my desk and let the other students out to their parents but I stayed and had a chat with her. “You haven’t been focusing on schoolwork, you haven’t been playing with your friends at recess and you eat by yourself at lunch. Are you ok?” she said to me curiously and with full confidence I said to her “I just have a lot on my mind.”

My dad heard every word and he put his hand on my frail shoulder and said “So you are worried about how the new baby would affect the family?” I said with tears streaming down my face. “It’s not going to affect you, me, or anything. All you need to do is to just let it go.” He said lovingly and with that the door to my mom hospital room flew open with the moaning of a small baby and the heart of six year old boy that is nervously anxious to see the new infant.

We entered the room and there he was laying there, motionless in his mother’s arms. He looked so cute when he sleeps, so I asked if I can hold his hand and when I touched him, the greatest thing in the world happened, he smiled at me. I felt happy, and that was a feeling that I have never felt in a long time and he made me realize don’t worry, be happy and everything will be alright.

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It tells a story on how I learned to cope with a new baby.

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