Hurricane Hurry

September 26, 2017
By TylerGuss BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
TylerGuss BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
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I woke up with the sun gleaming right into my eyes. It seemed like a regular day except it wasn’t a regular day. As I sprinted out the door to let my barking dog in, I looked out the window and I see a pitch-black sky out in the distance. After I let in my dog, I turned on my tv to see what the weather man has to say about the upcoming weather.

As the weatherman was talking about the catastrophic hurricane heading towards my home, my father was awoken from the tv. When he walked down the stairs, he sat down and watched the news with me. After watching the weather forecast for the week, my dad thought it was a good idea to prep for the storm, so he handed me the keys and told me to go start the car. When we arrived at our destination we saw a grocery store that was packed with people who were full of anxiety.

As soon as we walked into the grocery store, we could feel all the panic and anxiety in the building. The whole store was chaotic and everyone was rushing to get their supplies for the storm. Sadly, we were one of those people that were trying to get their supplies as fast as they could. Once we had gotten our supplies we got to the checkout line, and each line had about ten to twenty people waiting to check out their food. After waiting for about thirty to forty minutes we finally paid and got out, after that we finally got home and prepped. 

The storm began the day after we went to the store and grabbed our food and supplies. As I looked out the window all I could see is pitch black since it was night and all the street lights were turned off. But, we still had some power in our house until two days after when our houses' electricity had turned off, luckily, we had a backup generator which gave us some power for the next couple days. Every night that I would be in bed, I could hear some trees and some other objects, hitting my neighbors' houses around my house. Then one morning after about almost a week of the storm, I see a glimpse of light through the boarded windows in my room.

As I realized that the devastating storm had ended, I dashed down the stairs and ran straight out the door. As I stepped outside, I felt the fresh air go through my nostrils and it felt good to breathe fresh air. As I observed the damage done to some of neighbor's homes, I saw trees that had crashed into houses and cars were flipped and destroyed. I also saw some of my friends outside getting a fresh breath of air and it calmed me to know that their alright. I'm glad we prepped for this storm, and if we didn’t then many things could've gone differently and it could've gone badly for us. So, I recommend if there is a hurricane coming to your area always try to prep.

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