September 26, 2017
By Anonymous

Even as young child, growing up with siblings was extremely difficult at times. From physical fights to stealing personal belongings, conflict can often be seen on a daily bases. No matter how annoying they tend to be, everyone has a few memorable moments with their siblings.

As my mother and I rushed ourselves to get out the door, my brother, unhurried, took his time finishing final touches on getting ready. This would’ve been an acceptable situation except for the fact that we should’ve left 3 minutes ago. When we thought we had him out the door he had realized he lost his shoes. He meandered his way up the stairs, making sure to have both feet on a single step before continuing to the next one. In his room he moved slowly, picking one thing up at a time and putting it to the side. Though this is his regular pace, the situation was forcing my mother and I to become unordinarly frustrated. After what seemed like forever, he found his shoes and began making his way back down the steps, in the same laid back fashion he had used before. To help move him along faster I grabbed his arm and began pulling him out the door, though he had some resistance it sped things up just a little. And when I thought he couldn’t do anything else to make us later he began to throw a fit over not getting to sit in the front. The entire ride consisted of him kicking the back of my seat, making strange noises, and just to my luck traffic, making the already never ending ride longer. When we made it to our destination I had already been emotionally drained. As we entered the funeral home, where we would soon attend our grandfather’s funeral, my brother suddenly became quiet. We entered the cold room filled with familiar tear-stained faces, paid our respects, and found our seat before the ceremony began. I looked beside me to surprisingly find tear streaks down my obnoxious little brother’s face. He reddened with embarrassment as he saw me looking over his vulnerable state. I reached over and wiped his tears away and held him as he continued to cry more. I knew no matter what differences we had that I needed to help him get through that moment. Although my brother and I struggled getting along, our grandpa’s death had deeply affected him and I felt for him. In order to live a happier life no one should be alone. Being alone has proven to kill twice as many people as obesity, making it a very important issue in countries around the world. Without friends, or any close family members in someone’s life, it’s harder to get through the more difficult things in life. No matter how much someone’s siblings get on their nerves they should always help them out and be there for the big things in their sibling's life.

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