The Argument

September 26, 2017
By graciebrandt7 BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
graciebrandt7 BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
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1 Knowing that i am about to get in trouble i continue to yell even louder. My sister and I were at each others heads again arguing, when my grandmother panted in the room and gave us a very upset, almost confused face as why we were arguing and i could tell she was very disappointed.

2   I followed her outside as i plopped down on her lap in this old rustic chair that looked like it wouldn't last much longer.She spoke in a very fatal voice and said “ Gracie no matter how popular or pretty you are it makes you the ugliest person on the inside and out if you talk bad about another person”. Although studies have shown that it is almost impossible to consider your views to other people mind because in their mind they are always right, i knew that i shouldn't be fighting with my sister.

3   I dashed to my sister's room to apologize because i knew if she wasn't going to be the one to apologize i would. She was my best friend and even though we have our differences we shouldn't be fighting. I looked at her with a very pitiful face and spoke in a very scared voice and said “ Carly i am very sorry about what i said to you, i shouldn't be calling you names and arguing with you over a charger, i promise it won't happen again” she replied with “Gracie i am sorry too i am the older sister and should be more responsible and not yell at you for a silly thing” all the pressure came off my chest and i reached out for a hug and said thank you.

4  As i sat down i thought of what my grandmother said and i decided that i don't want to be mean to other people. Even Though we all have our disagreements it is wrong to say negative things to people in anyway. 

The author's comments:

my grandmother inspire me to write this because we shouldnt be mean to other people it hurts them and it makes them feel worthless and they shouldnt feel like they have to fit in somewhere just to be liked. i hope that when people read this it makes them realise that what they are saying to other people in a ahtefull way is worng. 

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