Unsung Hero

September 25, 2017
By Sydney Rothschild SILVER, Roslyn , New York
Sydney Rothschild SILVER, Roslyn , New York
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What is an Unsung Hero? A stranger who does little deeds once in a while? Or is it neighbor or friend helping you with big tasks all the time? I strongly believe that everybody is an unsung hero in their own way. Everybody can give anyone a smile and offer to help with any types of struggle. My unsung hero is very special to me. She is kind and caring and helps many children without getting any praise. Well I think it is time she gets some praise and her is her amazing unsung story.

I don’t remember much from that day. I remember getting on the bus and all of my friends jumping onto me. As the bus ride ended and slowly turned into camp happiness overwhelmed my entire body and a smile appeared on my face as bright as the night stars. After I finished the lice check which felt endless I quickly walked into my bunk and started to unpack. I unpacked my bags as quick as possible.  I ran up and down the bunk getting my things and saying hi to everybody. On my way back to my bags I would step over her pile of clothes and knock it over.  ‘’I’m so sorry” I said meekly remembering who she was all of sudden. “Don’t worry about it” she smiled. My face lit up like the night stars again. “I’m Niki “she said proudly. “Syd” I croaked my voice cracking . She giggled.
Weeks flew by and Niki and I became so close she would come and sit on my bed every night and we would talk about my drama and her drama. Niki would always stand up for me when there was drama and she always gave me the best advice and helped get through my homesickness.

Unfortunately that summer I was plagued with a rash all over my lower back. When it would bleed Niki would always rush me to the infirmary even if she had the period off. Niki was always there for me no matter what.
The summer sadly flew by and on the last day was I heart broken. After saying good bye to all my friends I ran to Niki who was just  saying goodbye to one of my good friends. She gave me a hug and didn’t let go. Tears streamed down both our faces and I felt alone. I quickly piled onto the bus. As I looked out the window there was Niki crying and saying goodbye.  I made up an excuse and ran of the bus. I sprinted to her giving her one last hug I wished her good luck at Indiana and walked away quickly hoping that the moment would last forever. As the buses drove away from camp I not only was saying goodbye to the place I loved so dearly I was saying goodbye to my unsung hero who changed me so positively. As my eyes watched camp despair I watched her to disappear as well.

Niki is my unsung hero because she did so many kind and helpful things that summer I would have taken up 500 pages. Niki helped so many kids including myself that summer. She did not get any praise but deserves so much of it.

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