The Death of Ears

September 25, 2017
By Sydney Rothschild SILVER, Roslyn , New York
Sydney Rothschild SILVER, Roslyn , New York
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My first memory of the famous Grandma Ears was the time that she was teaching me body parts. Nose, eyes, mouth, fingers. toes the whole 9 yards. When we finally got ears for some reason it stuck and she became Grandma Ears. Grandma Ears who ironically didn't  have her ears pierced was one of the funniest people I knew. She was mildy racist and her Yiddish was hysterical. My Yiddish vocabulary may be a little shaky however I can complain in Yiddish  as much as i like it. Ears loved to say i’m so famished, fklempt  and look at that mishuguna  and many more things  along those lines. Grandma’s trade mark was the Diet Coke with a wedge of lemon. I blame my coca cola addiction on her. My family loves to eat meat and boy did she love her t-Bone steak. Not only did she love meat but SO far so good chinases food was always a  highlight.


This may seem that my relationship with my grandma consisted solely of eating food,  body parts and soda. However, there was much more. For those of you who know me and I hope everyone standing here does  I wasn't your typical little girl. I loved to play with the tools in the basement and the old train set. Grandma always let me play with the tools. Was it safe? Highly debatable, but she would let me do anything as long as I was happy.  As time progressed and grandma couldn't move around so easily I would come visit her on Saturday Mornings. There we would watch Judge Judy, and other high quality shows such as family feud. Grandma lived right near JFK airport. So often while I was there we would watch the airplanes fly by. I would aways play a game to see how many I could name just by logo. These little moments I will aways cherish. I don’t want to brag but I was the favorite. Grandma would always let me do whatever I wanted and she would always take my side against arguments with my mom. I could do anything I could walk, talk, dance or even fail a test and she was still impressed. As an only child, each family member has a crucial role in your life. With siblings its a different story. My grandma only had 1 grandkid and that was me. By the time i was 10, she was my only grandparent alive . This ultimately created a special bond that most kids don't normally have with their grandparents but sadly the fear of only having one grandparent. With this in mind, her passing only makes it harder. As i talk to friends daily or just scroll through social media I am constantly reminded.


I get facebook and instagram likes by my friends grandparents and I hear people talking about going on vacation or being picked up at school by them. Im not resentful because I wouldn't want to change my relationship with my grandma for anything. As a 15 year old standing here today it seems some what unfair. Im burying my grandmother today but sadly this scene is not new for me. Throughout the last couple of years I have faced tremendous loss. As I stand here today, I wouldn’t be the person I am without the loss that I have faced but more importantly I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my grandma ears.

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