Jumping Off...

September 25, 2017
By KarelyCarranza SILVER, Sacramento, California
KarelyCarranza SILVER, Sacramento, California
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While laying on the floor many thoughts came to my head. I instantly got up, my arm was numb and everything was blurry. I could barely walk and felt like I was falling sideways.

Saturday evening i was hanging around with my sister at the house. She wanted me to go over but I had to finish washing my clothes and cleaning my room. She said goodbye to my parents and started heading out, I followed her and went out with her. I was talking to her for a while through the window of the drivers side. I got on the bar thing trucks have when they're too tall. I stood there and hold on to the frame of the window.


I told her, “Go start driving.”

 “Alright then hold on tight  don't let go” she told me.

She started driving and I was pretty scared she wasn't driving too fast though. She told me she wasn't going to stop to let me off. Four houses down the street there's a stop but never thought I could get off when she stops at the stop. At that point I was even more scared because I thought how am I going to be on here until she gets home.

I start screaming, “Stop! Stop! I'm going to get off.”


She kept on driving like I didn't say anything. I thought no I have to get off so what I decide to do is jump off. That didn't go so well, when I laid on the floor I literally just seen the truck drive past me. I fell on the right side of my body. When I got up it was difficult to walk and get home I also wasn't able to move my arm. I got home and showed my mom.

 She told me, “How dumb are you who does that, who jumps off a truck when it's moving.”


At this point I felt really dumb, I honestly didn’t know what i was doing. I learned to think rethink on what i’m about to do. Many people make mistakes and fall into them again. Since that day i’ve made sure to not repeat that same mistake.

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