Stealing and Hiding

September 25, 2017
By Xavier.H SILVER, Sacramento, California
Xavier.H SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Mistakes are a pathway a learning from others mistakes and keeping mind of the consequences due to those mistakes but that didn’t stop me from stealing from a store.  Keep in mind that I was 12 years old at the time of this and I was not the smartest kid at this time. So it started at my friends house and we had the brightest idea to go to the store and have a sleepover on my birthday which was stupid because my mom had already bought a cake and candles and I just ruined that by telling her that I’m going to stay the night at my friends house so we would have to wait till tomorrow but at the time I didn’t care but I feel bad now.  Getting back to the story. We got on our bikes and rode to the closest store next to us which was Walgreens.

We parked our bikes on walked inside. My friend and I are walking around chatting about what we are going to get and we are going to play later Aka video games. While walking my friend had a even  better idea to do something while we are here. “Hey we should go steal some s***.” he said whispering. At the time I have never stolen and never had thought of doing that so I replied with two simple words “F*** no.”.

He proceeded with the usual lip smack resembling that he wasn’t fond of my response but c’est la vie. After walking for about a minute either curiosity or something switched my brain around like a rubix cube but I quietly said “Alright then let’s steal some stuff but try to be sneaky or else we gonna get caught.”.  We then started to come up with a scheme to get the stuff we wanted like we were going to do a bank heist and once we came up with our “brilliant” plan (yes I put the word brilliant in quotations because the plan wasn’t brilliant nor smart, just a awful excuse to go to the toy isle because I dropped my watch over there).

So we arrive to the register to the guy who looked like he was in his 50’s with a squidward sized nose and pay for our stuff, now it’s time for me to recite my terrible line. “Oh snap.. I.. left my watch in the..toy isle..” I say very weakly. The guy at the register just has the Rock’s eyebrow looking at us like he knew something was up and we just turn around and walk our way to the isle. “Bro..we are about to get this s***!” he said excitingly. “Yeah we’ll be happy when we get caught by the sensors and we get arrested.” I said sarcastically.  We reach the isle and grab a Mario plush toy, an angry bird pig plush thing, and a cap gun...yes a cap gun. We put it in our bags and walk to the exit. We stop in front of the doors just hoping that we don’t get caught while we look like idiots who are waiting to see their grades. I look back one more time and see the register guy just looking at us confusingly like he knew we stole something but we ain’t slick about it. We walk outside and hop on our bikes with a little chuckle and ride fastly to our hideout aka his house.

Once we arrive to his house we swiftly put our bikes in his backyard and run inside of the house feeling like heist masters and we just robbed a bank. So skip forward a few hours later to 7:00pm. We are playing video games and we start hearing police sirens in the distance with an added helicopter in the background like we stole a entire store. I was so confused to how they knew the exact area where we lived. “How the f*** do they know we here?” I questioned. “Someone snitched probably” my friend stated. We decided to turn off all the lights and throw the toys on the ground. “If they knock on the door and come in just say it wasn’t us and just cover the toys under a blanket” I said commandaly so he did and we lied down just waiting for the next move for the police. I was just wondering about the results of us being caught. So the funny thing that happened was that I passed out and when I woke up.. Nothing happened. His parents weren’t mad and the police never came. The thing that was a smack with the karma stick was that I dropped fifteen dollars when i paid for the stuff.

This has taught me a very professional lesson in stealing. Never come up with terrible plans and always hide your tracks. This also affected the way I follow in people’s steps because they can lead you to the wrong path. Also taking risks isn’t always the best way out.

The author's comments:

I just got lucky that day but that never means that anyone won't get caught doing something stupid.

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