September 25, 2017
By kxthvx BRONZE, Sacramento, California
kxthvx BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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“ Ugh… Nayeli” I thought.
Nayeli and I are both in the 3rd grade and both don’t like each other. I disliked her with a passion.
One morning she came up to me talking nonsense. I didn’t even bother to pay attention to her.

    “What does she want now? ” I thought .
I ignored her which made her big mad. Since she saw that she didn’t capture my attention, she did the most absurd thing ever. She spilled her milk on my school uniform! I felt anger skyrocketing.
I felt like yelling, “What the f*** !”


My quickest response was to throw my peaches at her white top and so I did. She was furious and wailed to grab the invigilators attention. He got there in a matter of seconds.
“ What’s going on here?!”
Nayeli looks at me smirked with rancor in her eyes and had the audacity to act like the victim in the situation she created.
“ Kathya threw her peaches at me for no reason so I purposely “accidentally” spilled my milk on her “

The monitor looked at me weird and confused so he sent us to the principal's office. On our way to the office Nayeli looked at me with despite and laughed.

“Ugh what a hypocrite.”  I thought.
“What’s the problem here?” Ms.Gibson asked.

The monitor then explained to her what happen. After the monitor told her what Nayeli told him she asked for my side of the story. I told her everything that had occurred. It seemed as if she didn’t believe me, but luckily for me, there was a camera in the cafeteria which pointed directly at us.

“You should check the cafeteria camera” I suggested.

Ms. Gibson then viewed the camera and then saw the naked truth. She was unsatisfied by the way I took the situation into my own hands but was even more disappointed by the way Nayeli lied to her and the monitor. Ms. Gibson confronted her and made Nayeli tell the truth but refused to, so Ms. Gibson told her what she saw on the cameras without mentioning she saw it.

“There must be a mistake I didn’t do that!”  Nayeli was reproaching the truth
“Why do you have the need to lie to me again knowing I already know the truth.”
“I… I… I don’t know. I just want to get her in trouble!”

I was excused from the office and Nayeli stayed in there. Who knows what happen in there but I’m sure it wasn’t good because she came out mad. She was so mad  she even pushed me as I was on my way to P.E for no reason like I get it you’re mad over something you started but avoid yourself another problem.

When we got to P.E we had to run 4 laps around the blacktop this was the perfect time to get her back she put her sweater down so I took it and went to the restroom.

“Let's see if she will do something dumb again” I thought.

As I had her ugly orange sweater I walked to each and every stall and picked the most disgusting and dirtiest toilet.

“hahaha she’s never going to mess with me again” I murmured.
I shoved her sweater into the toilet with urine and poop. Disgusting. I left the restroom to finish my laps.
“Where’s my sweater?!”
I laughed. “ I think I saw it in the toilet”
She ran to the bathroom and looked for it.
“Why would you do this?”
“ Why would you do this?” laughing as I mocked her.
“Because I do not like you, I never have.” she looked shocked as I said that.
“Don’t act surprised all of a sudden I had to finish what you have started.” as serious as I could be I said.

She cried and ran to the office. She came back to the bathroom with a plus one. Ms.Gibson. At this point I didn’t care if I got in trouble, I was so fed up with her crap.

“Ugh I’m not even going to stress about this anymore Nayeli I will change you class and Kathya take this home in a plastic bag that I will provide for you and wash it. I want it back by tomorrow nice and clean, as your punishment you have to clean 2 tables during breakfast.”

I did what she asked and never saw Nayeli again because I then moved schools after that school year.
If someone wants funk with you ignore it, ignoring them makes them more mad. Don’t attempt to resolve your own issues by yourself avoid yourself an embarrassment. If you ignore them you won’t waste your time on irrelevant people or something not worth your time.

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