Hard Work Pays Off

September 25, 2017
By IMeannn..... BRONZE, Sacramento, California
IMeannn..... BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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My favorite mistake is when I got home schooled. I started homeschooling when I was in the 8th grade all the way until the 9th grade. My mom has always told me “Loretta I will put you in  homeschooling if you keep messing up in school”. I never really believed her until one day I was sitting class and I blurted out “what the f**k”. That's when my mom had had enough and put me on homeschooling. Being home schooled I thought it was gonna be fun and easy I could sleep all day and do whatever I want but, it wasn't.

It was hard. I remember my mom telling me “Loretta the faster you get done the less work you have to do”. All I remember thinking was “what is this women talking about?”. Then I thought “I finally figured it out, the faster I work the more time I get to relax” but, that wasn't the case. For weeks I would do my homework for 3 hours or more then be done for the day.

For weeks I would do that and the school called my mom saying “Loretta is moving really slow in her school work, she is behinds at least 7 assignments ”. My mom was so confused she thought I was doing my work and turning it in the day after I get done. So my mom had to take me up to the school get all my miss assignments and I sat at home for days doing all of them I couldn't go hang out, I could watch tv, I couldn't do anything. I was hanging by a thread, I almost didn't make it to the 10th grade.

Until one day I had to motivate myself to stop fooling around and get my work done so I can prove to my parents and everyone else that I'm not a screw up,  I can get my work done. As the year went on my mom told me “If you keep working the way you are are I might put you back in public school. That took my a while to process until the middle on freshmen year I really buckled down and did my work I turned in my work early I even did summer so I can finish what I had not done. By the end of freshmen year I had a 3.5 GPA I had all A’s and B’s. Now I’m sitting here at Luther Burbank High School, public school shall I add telling you about my favorite mistake and I learned that if i stop goofing off and quit messing around i can get what i need to get done. As my 6th grade teacher always said “Hard work pays off”.

The author's comments:

I wrote about this favorite mistake because it shows that anytyhing can happen when you set your mind to it

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