September 6, 2017
By tana18 BRONZE, Bangalore, Other
tana18 BRONZE, Bangalore, Other
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I was always a very quiet child. I never used to mingle and talk to others kids. But to people who know me, iam very outgoing and fun and iam myself. One day my teacher was talking about a person's aura in the class.I was immediately very curious to know what my aura is and asked my best friend about it. She said,'when i first saw you i thought you were some boring kid who is always very quiet and only keeps to herself. But now that i know you, you are very different. Its super fun to hang out with you and i feel good talking to you'. Though it was a compliment, I was still suprised. I always viewed myself as someone who is fun and cheerful, but i never viewed myself from a strangers point of view. I then realized something. People feel uncomfortable around me when they first see me because they think iam judging them. But its not really that. I just try to figure them out so that i can relate to them. But it turns out that this puts them off. I once remember my mother telling me,"You are like a hard coconut shell on the outside but very sweet inside. But very few will break the shell to see your sweetness."

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