August 24, 2017
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Today I’m going to tell you about what I did for my summer vacation.  Summer is a time to relax and hangout with your friends.  Some people like to think of it as a time to prepare you for next year.  This year I went to Blanchard Springs.

When we arrived in Blanchard Springs it was very late so we got food and went to bed.  The next morning we got up and headed to the caverns.  When we got there we had to wait two hours and I met a lot of interesting people while waiting.  When we finally went to the elevator to take us down it was really packed. We got down there and it was cold and really pretty.  The caverns looked awesome.

In conclusion, if you have never been to the caverns you should definitely go.  It’s definitely a great learning experience.  You learn a lot about history during the tour.  If your creative or have a good imagination you would like it because of the way the caverns look.  There was a rock that looked like the titanic.  There are also animals down there so you can’t touch the caverns or it could make the animals sick and possibly stop the growth of the caverns.  

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