Not Understanding.

August 9, 2017
By leearyam BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
leearyam BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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I want to tell you what happened but you won't listen to me. You want me to listen to you but you won't listen to me. I want to explain everything but you won't listen. you chose to close your ear and yell at me. You yelled at me for what I did but you never asked the reason. You just jumped to the conclusion. It really hurts me that I can't explain the things I do are for a reason. Why don't you hear my explanation before you yell at me or before you get mad at me? Don't you know that it hurts everytime you just jump into conclusions? I tried to explain every time something happens because I have my reasons for what I do and you ask but you never listen so I got tired and I said to myself " Don't try to explain anything anymore because nobody will listen anyway so just be quiet. That makes me a person that is a listener than a speaker. I feel like I  won't be heard even if I talk. I want to talk to others and I want to also be able to be heard. when I talk my voice is really quiet. Why don't you ask why I did what I did. Why don't you hear me out before you yell at me? I wish you would understand me just a little bit. Do you know that it is hard for me to just listen to you and not be able to talk? If I was a little older than I am now it wouldn't be this hard for me to endure the misunderstanding I have.

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