Sinking in the Mire: My Near Death Experience

August 3, 2017
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This was two years ago

Heather (My girlfriend) and I decided to walk in a forest. To release stress about school and our relationship. We stumble beyond soft ground and kiss. "I love you, Heather" I say to her. She kissed me back knowing her response. We continued to walk. Then the ground became softer. While we walked, Heather screams on the top of her lungs. I look back and see that she's ankle deep in the mud. "John, help me I'm stuck!" She yells bloody murder. I soon grab her hand and try to pull her out. But to no avail. She keeps pumping her legs and she keeps sinking down. It dawns on me that it's Quicksand Muck. I soon step in (Stupid me) try to help her get out and then she sinks to her calves and I sink to my ankles. "Eww John, what is this stuff" She asks me yelling. "It's Quicksand Muck" I say. She looks at me in fear and yells and struggles to get out which she sinks to her knees."stop struggling" I yell at her. I soon make my To help her but keep sinking to my Thighs and she sinks to her waist. "Babe just stay still!" I say yelling. "I see a tear stream down her face. I sink to my waist causing me not to move. Then I grab her by the waist and try to lift her with all of my strength. Causing my arms to get muddy. I soon try again but with no avail. "I'm sorry babe, I tried" I say. "It's not your fault, I'm the one who decided to go here" Heather says. I feel myself sinking deeper while the muck gets softer. With enough motivation in my head I grab her waist again and yell really loud and hard. Which causes me to lift her out of the mud. And she crawls to to solid ground. She soon rests. I sink down to my shoulders and then with my Neck. I feel the muck crawling up me. Heather then soon gets up from the ground and sticks her hand out. With the muck pressing on my chest It's hard for me to breathe. I try to reach with my muddy hand but it slips out of grasp of Heathers hand. I soon feel the muck at my chin and lift my head up. "John, PLEASE DONT GIVE UP ON ME!" She says crying. I soon get the muck in my ears causing me to not hear anything. I soon feel the muck go in my mouth and I go under. I feel my self sinking into the abyss. And my lungs burning with no air. Then a hand comes down and pulls me up. I cough out the mud that was in my mouth with me breathing heavily. Then Heather comes to me and kisses me hardly. "John, Oh My God I thought I lost you!" She says hugging me. After that we find a pond to wash each other off. Too this day I haven't told anyone this at all bout this. Just only you whom is reading this rn.

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