Teenage Years

August 2, 2017
By bethxx BRONZE, Strood, Other
bethxx BRONZE, Strood, Other
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Teenage years can be an adventure, ready to unfold at the moments that us unsuspecting teens will not be prepared. Some of these moments can be memorable and exhilarating yet there are other moments where we wish we could go back and change the whole scene. 


Adults say that they can relate, and then they take us back into their teenage lives, where they would talk in person to arrange to meet, and wouldn't text because phones would be too expensive for some. In reality, everything has changed for teenagers. 


As people grow older, they forget the pressure of being perfect during those painful teenage years. They then claim they know what it's like, only remembering that horrible girl at school and that cute boy all the girls drooled over. They forgot though about the gang that the horrible girl had following her, spitting out insults left, right and centre. They also forgot that the cute boy was with the horrible girl, meaning those who even glanced at him would be criticized down to the core. 


In school, you have the stereotypical groups. Even though each school claims that they stop these groups from emerging, they are always there, under each building lie. You have the popular ones, who hang out in the same place during breaks and lunch and laugh at those walking past. Then the careless ones, who laugh back at the popular and carry on with their day. Then the shy ones, who try their best to be confident, but fail, making a fool of themselves. Everyone wants to be included in the popular group. Most watch them with spiteful envy, wanting to be like that. Where the boys would do cringe things to get a girl's attention, and how the girls had flawless makeup and smelt lovely all day. 


It would hurt those shy ones when they would realise that they would never have the courage to even talk to one of the boys. They would silently hide their internal screams and stick to their friendship groups. Each school day would be dreaded on the way to the building, knowing that each day that they would never fit in the popular groups. 


Then you have the uncontrollable hormones that take over our body like a drug. During these years, we teenagers are raging in the morning and then depressed crying at night. Girls also have all emotions running at them, like angry bulls seeing red. Since PMS is at its peak, girls are feeling everything. They are self-conscious, needing to make sure that a pimple that developed overnight is concealed. 


All teenagers are experiences changes in their bodies. Hair growing from places unusual and being attracted to all people of the opposite sex. It's a scary place, even though adults are there to support us. 


The first official crush is all so overwhelming. Seeing them every day at school just strikes the heart with a golden feeling. However, 9/10 of a teenage first crush always ends in disaster. Leaving the victim devastated and broken, until they see someone else they like. 


Peer pressure is also very common in the teenage years. Each teenager feels like they need to do what their friends do to fit in, or they are called a wimp or something insulting. For example, if a teenage boy has friends that smoke. he will want to start to seem 'cool' or 'fitting in', yet the effects on his lungs that will develop later on in life will be a reality check and he will look back and regret it. 

Yet, adults see themselves as being right. 

Teenagers have it easy. 

The author's comments:

I feel like adults these days don't understand how teenagers really don't have it easy.

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