Is It True?

August 1, 2017
By leearyam BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
leearyam BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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What is this that I am feeling now. When I  first saw you my heart was beating fast. Why do I  want to see you all the time? Why do I look for you whenever I go outside. Why do I  smile when I see you? Why do I smile when I think about you? Why do you keeping on popping on my head even though I am really busy? Who are you?  This is not how I usually act. What is this thing that I am feeling right now? Can anyone please tell me? Why do I forget everything and stare at this stranger that has the deep and beautiful voice that makes me flutter every time I hear it even though there was nothing special about the words he has said to me. I mean all he said was " let me carry this for you". A lot have offered to help me and I did not feel anything special but this guy  is so different that he makes my heart race or skip a beat. I don’t know anything about this guy but I know that he will never ever notice me because of lots of reasons. It is like expecting to be 20 years old the next day when your years old. Sometimes you have to ignore some things and forget them even if they are hard. You have to keep on living life. Is it true that I like this guy that keeps on making my heart racing? The person I liked in my life for the first time is the wrong person because I can't even talk to him and he does not know me. How can I like someone that  can't even say  "Hi".

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