Salt of the Earth

July 21, 2017

Never will you find such an honest movie about the inhumanities of all humans. I would warn Salt of the Earth is not a movie the very young or easily shaken should watch, but really everyone needs to see it. This movie exposes the raw truth of what has become of our Earth today.

This documentary follows the life of Sebastiao Salgado, a man who abandoned his well paying job to begin photographing. He certainly proved he had a talent through his heart-wrenching photographs which captured greed, hunger, revenge, and hate; along with life, love, hope, and beauty. And while beauty is just a simple word today, Salgado’s photographs bring back its original meaning.

From gold miners in Brazil covered in layers of dust and greed, to a Gorilla seeing her own reflection for the first time in Salgado’s camera lense, Salt of the Earth is a movie that will leave everyone with a heavy heart and an open mind. And forever they’ll remember the Earth as an ice cube with humans like salt, eating away; dissolving its fragile glass-like surface. Forever they’ll remember the Salt of the Earth.

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