My Mom Is Sick...Even If You Can't See It

July 20, 2017

People seem to think that if the illness isnt visable then it isnt real. If you cant always see the problem then it isnt real. That is wrong, so wrong. My mom has an illness that she will have to live with for the rest of her life. She is in constant pain each and every day. She fights to even get out of bed in the mornings. She breaks her bones and hurts herself doing the easiest things. She slips, she falls, she stumbles even trying to walk through the house. Not a day goes by that I cant see the pain hiding in her eyes, she strggles to even breathe. Yet some people have the nerve to claim that she isnt sick because they cant see it. Look at my mother, if you were to sit down and talk to her without knowing she was sick, you could never tell. Until she started to walk..She is 28 years old and is looking at having to be put in a wheelchair by the time she hits 40. She tries so hard, she wants to move and run, she wants to be strong.  Just because someone may not look sick doesnt mean anything..So the next time you choose to look at someone and judge them before you know what they have been through, remember this... just because their issues arent visable doesnt mean they dont exhist. Diseases and conditions come in all shapes and sizes. Not all sicknesses can be seen by the human eye.

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