Teachers Standing By

July 14, 2017
By _.tayler._julian BRONZE, Williamstown, Kentucky
_.tayler._julian BRONZE, Williamstown, Kentucky
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Okay so I know that only the kids who kiss the teachers butts get attention. But when it comes to being pushed in the hallway everyday of the school year and one day you get tired of it a blast the person in the nose and YOU get in trouble for it. That's just wrong. Even when the teacher sees it happening.

This girl kept going by me in the hallway everyday and pushing me. One day in science class she went by me and hit me in the back. Now I already have something wrong with my back so if I get hit the right way I could be paralized. So when she hit me I turned around and punched her so hard her nose started bleeding. But of course miss goody two shoes said she didn't do anything and they believed her so I got in trouble. Then when I was finally able to go back to class she acted like nothing happened. Ugh!! I HATE PEOPLE AT MY SCHOOL!!!??

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