Savour Every Moment

July 10, 2017
By omggeden BRONZE, Toronto, Ontario
omggeden BRONZE, Toronto, Ontario
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I savour moments like cotton candy melting on my tongue. Although it’s gone so quick I make every last second count. You see there is always a way out of your mind. No matter where you are, 1 minute out of  the 24 hours in your day will be worth savouring. 1 minute where you forget your past. 1 minute where you stop thinking about the future. 1 minute where all your demons take a break and the knots in your stomach unwind. If you savour that 1 minute, it can last a lifetime. Although this lifetime may have so much pain to come there will be so many more minutes each day worth savouring. Each of these minutes that you savour is worth so much more than a lifetime, don’t waste these minutes by ending that lifetime. Breath until you can’t, smile until it feels real, laugh until you find a reason to, and after that, keep doing this. Because no matter what is happening, in ten years from this very moment you will look back at these savoured moments and be so thankful that you kept breathing. You kept laughing. You kept smiling. You continued. This heavy weight on top of you went from 100 to 1 pound. That's why savouring these moments is so important, and you are so important. Keep breathing.

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