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My Eyebrows

July 10, 2017
By ILOVE_FICTION SILVER, Chandigarh, Other
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It turns back to the time when I was in grade 10, a boy approached me and said that “ why are you growing a mustache ?”  and walked away, this 14-year-old was completely muddled, then I brought my fingers to the philtrum and felt minute hairs. After school, I immediately rushed home and saw myself in the mirror, at first I  was making myself believe it was just blackness and it would go away but even after washing my face, I could still feel and see them. I looked myself in the mirror with complete horror, and from then I came to be known as the girl with facial hairs (I called myself that). A few days later when I completely forgot about my mustache, there was my not so smart younger brother sitting in the study, watching Simpsons on his smartphone and then a character popped out on the screen, Gerald  Samson. I saw him, something clicked and with great speed that could beat lighting mc queen I went in the lavatory and my eyes looked at my reflection in the mirror, above my eyes were thick bushy brows united , staring at me, as if there was someone hiding behind them. At first, I thought, how ugly I looked but when I read an article about unibrows on Wikipedia why it was considered as a sign of intelligence in ancient greek and roman cultures I started to embrace it.

Years passed , now I'm 17, high school  over , I was sitting in my room celebrating the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter , my mother gave me the news of my cousin’s marriage , I was excited , but then this excitement came to end when my mother told me that there is no way she is taking me with hairs on my face, so she took me to the nearest threading salon, I refused at first but then I relented, as I sat on the chair, and the lovely lady with thread in her hand  started her work, one stroke it was pain was undeterminable, her three workers were holding me, one my hands, one my legs  and the other one stretching my forehead .  My life is such, that it cannot see me in a little pain, the pain was on my forehead, but my vagina started to bleed. I felt the pain of threading, waxing, plucking along with menstrual cramps. After the painful beautification of my face, I thought my eyebrows would look like that of Cara Delevingne, but she made them so thin. It looked disastrous, and now I am writing this, on the next tab is being searched, how to grow eyebrows in 3 days. Turns out it is not that easy to grow up.

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