You Are Not a Potato

July 8, 2017
By Anonymous

You are not a potato.

I look around the internet, and among the memes that give me laughter and joy, I find hatred.I find young men and women who despises their bodies, who feel the need to compare themselves with common starches. As if the complex human form was as benign and unsacred and the common tuber. They think themselves unhumble to call themselves more, but you body does not work like that.

Your body is not made better through being mash, fried, boiled, or diced. It is not to be cut up and sear with butter as part of a diner breakfast. Your body is not capable of being made delicious after being baked with cheese and bacon. It is horrid as meat. Overly gamey, hard to chew, and illegal in at least ten states. It is incapable of the shear culinarily flexible of the potato. Ours bodies do not become tender to the tooth with heat, they do not blend in stews, they are horribly unpalletate.

Because our bodies are not meant to look tantalizing on dinner plates.They aren’t meant to be dolled up in dressing and dished out to anyone at the table who wants a slice of shepherd's pie. We do not need butter to balance out our carb content. We do not need someone else to cut and mash us into a more appetizing form. We have the ability to choose how and to who we present ourselves. Our bodies are not spuds that came from dirt, but the vehicle that we can use to act out our mind wishes. It should not be judged by how well it can be plated up to hungry eyes, but rather by how it can be used to achieve our goals.

Our race is not helped by potatoes, it is helped by those with young able bodies working as stars turn to sunlight in order to insure that there is more to see then soil and darkness. It is improved through the ugly, unsexy long nights of reading though paper pages of raw data until the pages blur, it’s sustained by standing up and building road or robots who will do it for you. Judging your body on the ground of how appealing it is to the eyes of others is unnecessary, because momentary based pleasure of a critical sense doesn’t have any correlation with your value, because you are not a potato.your worth is not what others can do with you, but what you can do with yourself.

You are a human being, so love yourself accordingly.

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