Hit and Miss

July 3, 2017
By Anonymous

Well high school has been typically been one of the most enriching experience in everybody's life. It's either too horrific or rather too full of memories of an undying friendship. Now it's rather hard for a person to live up to a societys impression of you isn't it? Well especially if you decide to get out of your league and change the way you do things. Since I decided to publish the article anonymous i decide to keep my name as Ms. Clumsy. Oh, don't judge me i am clumsy with a capital C . Today I am going to narrate some of the horrifying experiences a person goes when she or in this case me changes her school from a strict Catholic convent to a co-ed mess, oops! School. From the very moment of pre school conventees are taught the value of discipline , the value of punctuality and looseness. First day in my co ed high school i practically learned what is indiscipline,unpunctual and well unpoised. Well, let that discussion be for another day. I almost got hit in the boobs during a throwball match. I got ridiculed because I was healthy that's not uncommon, but the most horrifying experience was being called names due to your boobs and ass well that was downright insulting. And boys they were like these vicious animals let loose outside of a circus as and act of rebel. Everything was settling down when one of my guy friends started flirting with me. Now you have to keep in mind that I was never flirted with because I was very new to these concepts. I actually confused flirting to being interested in a relationship and BOOM!! I am in love. Unrequited love is one of the most frustrated and depressing feelings on earth. You want a person but you can't say it because of the fear of the friendship getting ruined. Or maybe because of the fear of he not understanding you . As far as I am concerned i was afraid of both the reasons. I got nightmares of he ridiculing me in front of the class for my feelings. I started starving myself in hopes of getting slim. Slowly i became depressed, my grades got down and my parents were so upset about this, but my younger teenage self was unable to decipher and arrange my order of priorities. One day my father came home exhausted and got sick, for the next three days me and my mom nursed him back to his health and then I realised what I was doing I was not giving back the things they were doing for me. I cleared my mind started studying again and my grades went up once again. You will ask me , Did It hurt? It did but life without getting hurt is playing football without the ball it's impossible. If it hurts but you get your priorities right and make the two most important people in this world happy and proud , there is nothing more enriching.

But this is not the end folks, life's irony it is my ex love got to know about my feelings finally and wait you know who told him , it's my present love. It was a mistake but anyways I got my love and it's a wonderful feeling if the person loves you back. It got all awkward meeting my ex love and the friendship is doomed but it's ok .There's always a cloud with a silver lining and there is always a hit and a miss in an experience. So teenage girls out there don't be afraid to make mistakes they do define you. Some even pave the way for your happiness.

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My own high school life

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