Why Did You Have to Leave Me?

June 28, 2017
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I miss you. Why did you have to leave. I cry myself to sleep every night thinking about you. My tears were hot they left tire tracks on my face as if i was a squirrel that just got ran over I want you back. I need you I want you and more importantly I love you. Where have you been for all these years? Why did you leave? I ask all these questions but I have no answers to them. My mascara smeared when I cried for you when I wanted you back at your funeral. When I saw you in the casket i felt as if I was dead on the inside but not on the outside. like a raw cake on the outside it looks good and finished but on the inside it isnt, its nasty. I felt alone like a deserted town. Alone like a little shark in a tank by itself. I miss her like a baby boy misses its blanket. when I die I am going to go to heaven and find her. And I will never let her go again.

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