June 28, 2017

Do you know that moment in the pool and you sink to the bottom? when you touch the cold and rough floor. When everything just melts away the insecurities, anger, regret, worries, everything just floats off. You start swimming back to the top, but the world starts crushing you again. After a while you need to catch your breath, so you look at te surface, the sun shining through the water, ripples making patterns on your fingers and you never want to go back up again. When you take that breath of air all the feelings disappear and you can hear the hurt and sorrow and hidden whispers of the world. This happens in the span of about five seconds but it is one of the most simple yet greatest experiences you you can ever have. Because for a second you don't feel anything and you aren't thinking of what is going to happen next or what people think of you, you aren't thinking of what people are going to say or who is watching. That is one of those moments where you achieve true inner peace and clarity where you are immersed in the present.

The author's comments:

What inspired me the most about this writing is the feeling it gave me not caring about anything else and just living in the now.

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