Having a New Roommate Sheds Light Onto a Dire Situation

June 25, 2017
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This article will be about a problem on the rise in this country. It all started when a mom and her daughter and 3 small dogs walked into my quite 3 bedroom house in the suburbs.

This new guest came because of a pretty apparent problem facing America, the rising cost of a house ????

But how did this situation come to be?

Although it may seem like a small thing it has the potential to affect many people's lives. Today in the city where I live the average price of a 1 bedroom apartment is $1,390.

This is quite expensive!!

The price has only gone up from the past few years and the one bedroom apartment is the cheapest housing you can typically afford in America.
If one bedroom is $1,390 than what would the price of a house be?
To determine the size of the average house we need to think of the size of an average household.
Typical you have your mom, dad, 1-2 siblings on average and you. Quite a lot of people to deal with!
Using this model of the family unit lets calculate the accommodations of the average house. On minimalistic terms the mom and dad could share a bedroom while the siblings could also share.
But from my experience this typically isn't the case!
But someone always wants their privacy so let's just say the average bedroom size per a house is 3. So therefore using the cost of a one bedroom apartment we can determine, the average cost of a 3 bedroom house for rent would be 4,170!

So you can expect to spend away more than 4,170 per month for just a place to live.
And this is where the problem sets in. Many people I know live on yearly incomes of 20,000 or less.

Although there are many groups of people who important to this situation I would like to focus on single parents. Single parents are close to my heart, with me being raised by two of them!

But the main challenge they face is the need to find a home when they are forced to leave their own homes due to the housing market changing. Due to the rising value of property and the growing force of gentrification those in poverty are more like to be forced out of their homes.

When they are forced out they need to find a house for their family and children where their average yearly income alone can barely pay a average rent! This doesn't even include the other costs associated with living! So these people if they are lucky enough, move in with their more fortunate friends.

Shared housing is less than desirable but more desirable than being homeless and these single parents are just the start of this issue.

Looking at this problem we can see that there are many community problems to fix. And if there are people in need we should all uplift each other because who knows who will be the next victim of this situation?

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