The Rollercoaster

June 22, 2017

The whole group had just arrived at the amusement park after walking across the long beach. We came from the part of the park that was a water park. Everyone had spent hours playing in the pools and on the water slides and having fun, but people were starting to get hungry. Some people, their kids specifically, still wanted to play around and the trip coordinator was prepared for that. The person in charge handed every family one card and explained what it was for. My dad said, “This card is for a ride. You can use it for one ride instead of paying. Who wants to go?”


     My hand shot up and I exclaimed, “Me! I want to go on that rollercoaster!”
     My dad replied, “Ok then. I saw you first so you can go.”
My brother exclaimed, “Wait why else does she get to go? Why not me?”
     “Well then, what are you going to do,” my dad asked.
     “I’m not sure,” my brother said.
     I asked him, “Are you jealous? I get to go on a fun rollercoaster ride and you don’t get to.”
     “No,” he said, “I’m not jealous. It’s just not fair that you get to go, and not me.”
     “Yeah, that’s jealousy. You pretty much just defined jealously.”
     “Uh,” he replied, “ No I didn't, I defined It’s-Not-Fair-You-Get-To-Go-But-Not-Me.”
     I said, “That’s not a thing, but jealousy is, and you’re being a jealous little idiot.”

My brother then declared in a matter-of-factly tone, “ You know what, I am not jealous of you, and I don't care that you are riding the rollercoaster.” You could hear the jealousy in his voice which he was trying his best to disguise.

 “Whatever, I don’t care, I’m going to get in line to ride in that rollercoaster now, and you're not. You and your jealousy little face can stay here.”

So I went and I waited in line. The line was long, but not that long. I was really nervous and excited at the same time. I looked up and I saw the people zooming past and screaming. It was almost my turn, and my excitement crushed my nervousness. Going on this rollercoaster would be the first time I ever got to ride on a rollercoaster. I was holding the card my family got, which was preloaded with a few credits, and I was ready to get it scanned to be able to get in. It  finally was my turn, and I scanned my card and put my few belongings into the tiny cubby hole. I walked onto the platform and sat down near the middle of the line of seats, and everyone else sat where they wanted to. We were all strapped in by the staff members in long cold metal rods, and off we went. We shot forward, heading for a ton of loops and swerves and upside downness. It was so exciting and I never experienced anything like this before. We can see the end, which was still a while away. We were zooming past over hundreds of people, and even though we were going really fast, I looked down and I could see the area where my family was, and I thought, “Wasn't I just standing there a couple of minutes ago?”. That is the only non-rollercoaster thought I remembered having throughout the whole ride. Then, we were headed for the next loop after swerving, and all of a sudden we slowed down. It stopped for a just a millisecond, and then it shot backwards. People screamed even louder out of excitement, as no one expected it. It took me a few seconds to realize I was going backwards, and when I did, I got even more excited than I already was. The rollercoaster went backwards for a while, then it headed forward again. We went through a few more loops and swerves, and it started going backwards again. People shrieked louder with even more delight. The ride kept going for a while, and eventually we ended up back where we started. It was over, and it wasn't even that long. It was amazing and fun, but I was sad that it was over and I wouldn't be able to do it again.

I walked back to where my family was and sat down where my brothers were sitting. “Wow that was awesome,” I said. The rollercoaster ride was exciting and scary at the same time.

 “Yeah, yeah, whatever, I don't really care. Rollercoaster are too scary anyway,” he said while stuffing his face with fries.   “These fries are delicious. Gimme the bottle of ketchup.”

I looked around the sitting area and saw that most of the people had food, was waiting for food, or in line to get some. As my thoughts started to slow down, I registered what my brother had told me to do and I said, “Wait, why do you guys get food? I want food”. I was hungry after playing in the water park for hours then riding a rollercoaster..

     “We get food because we got hungry while you were riding the coaster, duh. Also it's food, who doesn't want food? And you can't have some. It's mine,” he replied, hugging his food. “Now who's the jealous one,” he said in a taunting tone. 
     I replied, “I know who. Not me cause...,” as I lunged for his food and I got a few fries. That wasn't enough, so I tried again. I wasn't very successful in my second attempt.
After I lunged for his food, he complained, “Hey! That's my food! Get your own! Stop being jealous that I got food but you didn't. ” My other brother was sitting next to him and started shielding his food.
     “I am not jealous,” I stated, “I am hungry. Hunger and jealousy are different things, idiot.” He just wanted to eat his food in peace and I wasn't going to let him.

 He responded by saying, “ Go away and steal someone else's food. And I'm not confusing hunger and jealousy, you are. You're jealous because I have food and you don't, now go away.” I know he was probably right, but I didn't care. I wanted food and I was going to get it. I thought, “Who would give or get me food? Definitely not my idiotic brothers. They will eat until they can't eat anymore. Hmm… who would get me food? Oh, I know, my dad! He would definitely get me some food if I said I was hungry and wanted some.” I went over to where my parents and littlest brother were sitting, the table next to my brothers. I asked, “Dad, can I get some food? I’m hungry and they got food.”

My dad replied, “Sure. Let's go get you some food.” I looked back at my brother with a look that said, “How do you feel now?” He glared back with a look of hatred and looked at my dad like, “Why would you do this to me?”. He knew that he was dad’s favorite son at the time (everybody knew), but he also knew that dad would have bought food for me eventually. Still, he didn't like how I still got food and also got to ride on a rollercoaster. My dad didn't catch the look my brother shot at him, but I am pretty sure he felt the waves of dislike.

After a few minutes, I went back to my brother and said, “Look what I have.”

 “I don't care anymore,” he replies, with the obvious tone him being annoyed at my dad and disappointed that he lost the argument. He talks in that tone a lot. He stills gets into some stupid argument he ends up losing and then he gets all annoyed and quiet because he does not want to talk to you. My brother hates losing, but for some reason, almost every time he gets into an argument, he will lose.

 I ignored whatever he just said and told him, “Food. I got food cause you didn't give me food, so dad bought food for me. I got my own french fries now, too. I love the sweet taste of victory. Don't you?” 

“Go away, I don't even care anymore.” He replied.

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