Life's a Crazy Event

June 20, 2017
By Anonymous

Try imagining yourself in this girl’s spot. Her life at risk from cancer, and to be saved she had to get the cancer removed along with your jaw. After years of recovering and being homeschooled she decided she wanted to go to a public school. Brave! Don't you think? This innocent girl blameless trying to live a normal life excited to go to a school not even knowing what she's about to experience. She knew no one and had no one.

She had no idea boys at school could be so rude. She thought her experience was going to be different. Obtainable it’s just boys, it is scientist proven that boys mature slower than girls. Now; if you're wondering what happened, let me tell you. She made one simple mistake, she sat right next to a platform of boys during lunch.

At such a young age like being in Jr. high you don't know what to do if you see someone getting bullied. We wouldn't know what to do because at that age we haven't yet figured out what life is, or how it works. At age 17 i still don't understand how this crazy world works or i should say universe. I'm also sure at the age of 25 or 50 i still will not understand.

Bullying is not something you would want one of your loved ones to go threw.

The word ‘bullying’ oh what a great word don’t you think? To me it brings the greatest memories… I hope you know i’m kidding. I can only imagine what this young girl was going through. Why do people have to be so ignorant and disrespectful.

I don’t know.

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