June 18, 2017
By fangirl-starter-pack BRONZE, Gibsonville, North Carolina
fangirl-starter-pack BRONZE, Gibsonville, North Carolina
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You can call me a "crazy social justice warrior" all you want, but I know I'm doing the right thing.

The other day I was in art class. I was sitting with my normal group of girls which was Kathryn, Samantha, and Madelyn (names have been changed for privacy reasons). We were just doing what we normally would which was a mixture of copying homework and trying to do our artwork at the same time. Samantha and Madelyn are twins, but look nothing alike. Don't get me wrong both are gorgeous girls they just don't look alike. Samantha is very thin and Madelyn is curved. Madelyn is not fat and not skinny either, but I can see how having a twin sister that small can make you feel bad.

“What is y'alls biggest insecurity?”, asks Madelyn.

She confessed that her insecurity is her weight, Kathryn said her hair, and Samantha said her face shape. Then it was my turn. In the past I have had major issues with my appearance. I have overcame those and now I love how I look and nothing can change that. I hate lying so I told them that and they all congratulated me.

That's when I overheard two girls from the table behind us mention how stuck up and mean I was. All they could talk about for the next thirty minutes was me. It got me thinking, how strange it is that it is more acceptable to hate your body than to love it.

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