June 13, 2017
By Anonymous

 Many people have jobs, right? Jobs cost a lot of energy, movement and even sleep. Some jobs need to have you fly a plane across the world so you can talk to different people. My Dad’s job didn’t have us move across the Country, but because we lived so far away from the actual company he had to wake up extremely early. It wasn’t fair for him to have to wake up at 5am when his work shift began at 7. My Parents finally decided that it would be an ideal thing to do if we all moved.
It was early, the birds were chirping and the sun was just rising, but this was the normal time that I woke up. People were always confused as to why I woke up so early on a daily basis without any school, but I was never one to sleep in. My little sister came barreling into my room with the biggest grin on her face, all but forcing me to glare at her for disturbing the blissful peace.
“Dad wants us to get up and go to the living room. According to him, we’re going to be moving soon!” She cheers excitedly. “We have to decide on our new house!”
I was stunned. My mouth dried up and my stomach dropped. Why move when we already have everything in order? After a few minutes of me contemplating, I eventually get up. The only thing running through my head was, ‘Why?’ I needed to find a reason. All my other siblings were sitting on either a chair or the couch, while my parents sat on the carpeted floor.
My Mom began to explain the reason why and I began to understand. I mean, my Dad had to drive two hours everyday to get to his job. He is a manager for an security installation company so he has a lot of work to do everyday. Combine that with not a lot of sleep and what you get isn’t good.
My Dad began to pull out his phone and flip through different houses on sale that were closer to his job, all the while still being close enough for us not to have to change schools. It took a total of about two hours, but we finally found the house that was perfect for everyone. My parents continued to give us reassuring words and talk about ‘the good of moving’. I still had bad thoughts about the idea, but I was beginning to be okay with it. I wasn’t confused anymore and I wasn’t scared of the outcome. In my mind, this whole event was beginning to be okay.
My parents’ excitement warmed me up to the idea even more when they told us about ‘how big the yard was’ and ‘how each one of us kids will be able to have a room.’ I often asked why we had to go through the whole process of moving in the first place and why my Dad couldn’t just get a new job that was closer than the one he had, but now that I’m older I realise that my Dad loved that job and he wouldn’t had traded it for anything.


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