Blue Ocean Eyes

June 12, 2017
By Maddieeeeclark BRONZE, Natick, Massachusetts
Maddieeeeclark BRONZE, Natick, Massachusetts
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Jump, Blue Ocean:
Blue, white crescendos through. My heart feels at peace, my brain is not thinking. You really know how to make me cry. Looking through life with ocean eyes. I am falling apart, weak for you. Is it even easy to understand? I want to jump into you, engulf my body please. The salt will rest on my lips and my hair will drip. I will feel light, because I am part of something bigger. For a while I will paddle on my own, but eventually I will look for something to grab onto, something to help me float. The coolness of the water will rest on me. My arms and legs constantly on the move. You keep me alive. Nothing more exhilarating than the jump. Uneasy for the quick second when I jump. I forget about everything around me. Just focused on what I am going to hit. Will it be smooth? You never disappoint. I glide right through. For a second I panic and race to find the top, but once you realize it will always be above you, you take advantage of the time under. Only one under. You are surrounded by nothing you will understand, only embrace. How did I get here? You forget it, submerge yourself. Moving on the highway to never. In a world so cold, but it feels so warm in your heart. Life is easy under here you can not hear. Fear of being loved gone. Giving into change. The change of finally loving yourself. You are not being kicked out of this safety center. You are allowed. Accepted. No one to judge. I’ll never be like you. As soon as I get to the top I am overwhelmed. I am only human, and it hurts. I breathe air, never going to escape this world. I climb out of the water with cold and weaker limbs. Exhausted, I climb. I look out from the top of the rock. The wet water creates a puddle below me reminding me of the beauty. Scream. I scream so easily. And as I scream, I jump. Back home.

The author's comments:

Understanding that home can be a person or a place. It is something that is unknown, so distinct, but understands you. The outside world will always be above you, but it is the purity of love and beauty that you will fall in love with and bring you into a different world. A different world of new perspectives and love.

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