The Birth of Caring

June 12, 2017
By DobstheGreat BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
DobstheGreat BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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In my childhood, I have developed a unique quality of caring. For as long as I can remember I wanted to be caring to be people because I felt it was just necessary. For me, I place myself in their shoes and see what they have gone through.  I have always felt a need to be kind and caring to all people and animals. The time were I felt that, I developed the characteristic of caring was when I saved a baby bird who was lost and wounded. This was the earliest memory of me fostering the quality of caring. I discovered this amazing gift when I was in kindergarten, I just came home from kindergarten and my mom instructed me to go and fetch the mail.                                                                                      


On my journey back, I stumbled upon a small baby bird that was a light pink,like bubble gum, and white feathers like winter snowflakes, on the cement looking sickly.                                                                   


I quickly yelled “MOM… MOMMY …. MOM! ”                                                                     

“What What What!?!” she blurted hastily!                                                                                             

“Look!” I exclaimed.                                                                                                                                

We both glared upon the sick pile of feathers. Without even thinking I immediately scooped up the distressed figure with a white envelope. With the small figurine on top of the envelope, I hightailed it to  my parent’s room and snacted and old washcloth. The washcloth was a tan, like the sand on a beach. With extreme caution I gently laid the mini bird who was snuggling into the envelope, I laid it down on top of the sandy washcloth. The idea stuck me like lighting, if I was feeling like that I would want some food and water. This is where I established my moral. Abruptly without hesitation, I snatched the bag of sealed sunflower seeds and grabbed two bottles of water. I took the the caps off both water bottles, the bottle caps were like the super thin ones, I filled one of them up with water using a juice drainer. Secondly, I open the bag of sunflower seeds and poured as much as I could into the cap. Both caps were on the edge of overflowing and I pushed them closer to the puff of feathers.                                                                                                                    


My mom warned me  “Patrick, to keep it safe put it in a shoebox.”                                                


Lastly, I grabbed an old orange Nike shoe box and placed the bird embedded into the washcloth with the food caps. I left the lid off so it can get some air.  I believe that I was doing everything possible that I could to help save the innocent bird. Very sadly it did not survive, it ended up dying ten minutes after I aided it into the shoebox. This was the biggest turning point in my life because I placed myself in that bird’s shoes. From this point on, I realized one thing that every moment of life I precious and should be treated with a caring love and kindness, No matter if it's a baby or an older person or if it's an animal or human, I have since been trying to help everyone or everything that is in need of help. I will make it my personal mission to help everything that I cross in my life, because no one needs to be uncared for in life.

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