My Mom's Rules

June 11, 2017
By Igwilson20 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Igwilson20 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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I already knew the rules, you have to eat breakfast every morning, eat lunch and eat all your dinner. I’ve heard my mom say those words everyday since I was young. Did I follow them? Maybe not, but I never really found the point of eating breakfast every morning. I mean I know my body has problems with low blood sugar since the day I was born, but I still never followed those simple rules my mom told me everyday.

It was our last day of a very stressful exam week on a half day. I was rushed out the door not even thinking to grab something to eat. On top of everything I was already super sick, and had the worst stomach ache.

“Ella! Did you eat?” my mom yelled from the kitchen.

“Sorry mom, but it’s only a half day. Bye!” I quickly said back.

I was running onto the bus already late, while my bus driver waited for me. My stomach growled with hunger and of course I had nothing, no water, no food, nothing. “It's okay I can make it right? I mean it's only four hours of school. Yeah I can make it.” Once I finally arrived at the school, I started heading towards my third hour to take the exam.

My third hour exam ended with success, and finally I had an hour and a half to spend doing nothing since there was no exam for ELA. My best friend and I walked to class, quickly forgetting to grab our backpacks. We hurried back to our second hour to ask our teacher if we could go grab them. While we were walking back from our lockers with our backpacks in our hand, everything in my body just dropped. My hands were shaking, my vision has spots everywhere, I could barely even stand. I looked my best friend in the eyes.


“I need to sit down right now.” Now I was feeling anxious on the outcome of this situation, and how angry I thought my mom would be. She held me upright as she ran me back to our classroom, sat me down at my desk and explain to the teacher what was going on.

“She has low blood sugar problems and she's going to pass out any second now.” She said with a scared voice. My teacher hurried over to me trying to offer me food, while my best friend ran to the office to get help. At this point my lips were cold and blue, my face was as white as a ghost and I couldn’t focus or hear anything my teacher was telling me. All I could hear was that voice inside me telling me I should've followed those rules.
Before I knew it I was being held up to walk over to a wheelchair that was sitting in the front of the classroom, with one of the office secretaries standing right behind it. I was extremely embarrassed. They hung my backpack around the handles and rushed me to the office to call my mom. They explained everything that has happened, and the condition I was in. The secretaries offered me food. They gave me oreos and fruit snacks, saying that I need to get my color and vision back. My mind already thinking about my mom’s reaction, knowing that she wouldn’t be too happy, because I didn’t follow those simple rules that morning.

My mom arrived not too long after ready to take me home. She held me while we walked to the car. I had my vision back, my face was a normal color, but I was still a little shaky. I look over to my mom just to see worriness and a hint of anger that was shown upon her face. I already knew what was coming next. We got in the car and then the words I've been dreading to hear just came from her mouth. She was again reminding me “You need to eat breakfast, bring a water to school, and eat during the day.” I felt like I’ve heard those words a thousand time, but I still couldn’t follow them.


The rest of the day went well. I updated my best friend on how I was feeling, and she told me that it was the scariest thing she had to go through. I felt really bad that I put her through all of that, but I’m still lucky she was there for me in that situation. After that, my mom took me and my brothers out to lunch and the movies, and my body felt like nothing had happened earlier that day, but my mind still kept replaying that terrible situation I put myself in. I kept going back to the words my mom said that morning and how nothing embarrassing could've happened if I would if just listened. She said I needed to follow her rules and I need to listen to her when she reminds me of them. I know I have to eat breakfast every morning, eat my lunch and then eat my dinner. Because mom’s are always right, even if it may not seem like it, they kind of are.

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